Airey House Repair Case Study

The Clients already owned their Airey type PRC house and had the funds to carry out the PRC repairs. The Clients were also looking to add a 2 storey extension on the side at a later date and decided to have the PRC repair carried out first as it would be more expensive to repair if the extension was built first.

Airey PRC houses are on the defective housing list because problems have been found with the structural support posts. Mortgage lenders will only offer mortgages once the PRC repairs have been carried out and a PRC certificate has been issued

Airey house repair case study
Airey PRC post in poor condition

The foundations were extended as the new cavity walls are wider than the external PRC panel walls. Once the house was propped the Airey panels and posts were removed. Airey houses usually have plasterboard as an internal lining and this remains in place during the repair.

Airey house repair case study
Cavity wall insulation

A popular addition during PRC repairs is to add french doors with side panels, as this Airey had the kitchen at the front and both living rooms at the rear opened in to one large room 2 sets of french doors were added. Along with a new windows and a front door, most Airey houses have a side panel to the front door and this was also replaced as it lets in a lot of light to the hallway.

The gable apex on Airey houses does not have to be replaced as it does not form part of the PRC concrete construction. On our Airey repairs the gable apex is always replaced by brickwork for a smarter finish.

Once the windows and doors are fitted the plasterwork around the window and door reveals is completed.

New UPVC soffits, fascia and guttering are also fitted.

Airey House Repair Case Study

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