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Reema Construction

Reema Construction New BRE Global Approved Repairs

A new PRC repair scheme has been launched by the BRE Global (Building Research Establishment) and approved by high street mortgage lenders. The new PRC repair scheme for Reema construction houses insulates the external concrete PRC walls and builds a brick envelope around the external walls creating a cavity.

Reema Construction

The repair works take about 6 to 8 weeks to complete and you do not need to move out during the building works. Most Clients usually have new UPVC quality doors and windows fitted during the repair works as most Local Authority doors and windows are not made to a high standard. It is also possible to have french doors fitted at the same time.

We offer a wide selection for different styles on replacement UPVC doors and windows.

The BRE Global licensed repair is about half the cost of a PRC Homes Ltd repair scheme.

Reema Construction Case Study

The existing foundations are extended to support the new brick work

The cavity insulation and new brickwork

New windows and doors are fitted with new soffits, fascia and guttering

Reema Construction Right to Buy Mortgages

A leading high street mortgage lender has a special scheme allowing tenants to arrange a mortgage to cover the costs of purchasing from the Local Authority and the extra funds required to carry out the PRC repairs. Give us a call for details.

Reema Construction PRC Certificate

Once the PRC repairs have been completed a PRC certificate is issued confirming the repairs have been carried out to the BRE approved scheme and is acceptable to leading high street mortgage lenders.

Reema Construction