PRC House Types

Cornish type 2

PRC House Types Designated Defective Under The Housing Defects Act 1984

prc house types
Airey houses

England & Wales

Airey houses
Boot houses
Cornish type 1
Cornish type 2
Dorran house
Dyke houses
Gregory houses
Hawksley houses
Lilleshall houses
Myton houses
Newland houses
Orlit houses
Parkinson frame houses
Reema hollow panel houses
Schindler houses
Smith houses
Stent houses
Stonecrete houses
Tarran houses
Underdown houses
Unity houses
Butterley houses
Waller houses
Wates houses
Wessex houses
Winget houses
Woolaway houses

prc house types
Unity PRC houses

PRC House Types Mortgages

Mortgage lenders will approve mortgages for these PRC houses as long as a PRC certificate has been issued. Some of these PRC houses have never had an approved licensed repair scheme from PRC Homes Ltd. Which will make mortgages more difficult to arrange. Give us a call if you are unsure of your type of PRC house.