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PRC repairs some recent examples of repairs carried out to PRC houses to mortgage approved schemes

PRC Repairs Essex

This Cornish unit type 1 has plasterboard internal walls which can be left in place during the PRC repairs. The foundations are extended as the new cavity wall is wider than the Cornish concrete panels and posts. Once the PRC certificate is issued mortgages can be arranged with high street lenders.

PRC repairs Cornish Type 2

This type 2 Cornish PRC house was purchased under the Right to Buy scheme with a mortgage from the Halifax. New doors and windows were fitted along with UPVC soffits, fascia and guttering. The PRC repairs were carried out using a PRC Homes Ltd approved scheme.

PRC Repairs Wates Construction

This Wates PRC house was already owned by the Client and they remortgaged to pay for the PRC works. The doors and windows were replaced with new and french doors added to the rear. Most Wates houses take about 8 weeks to repair under a PRC Homes Ltd licence due to the internal works required.

PRC Repairs Airey Houses

The Clients were homeowners as they had taken up their Right to Buy years ago. They already had the funds to carry out the PRC repairs and did not require a mortgage, but wanted to be in the position to sell at a later date as a mortgagable house. New windows and doors were fitted along with UPVC soffits, fascia and guttering. The gable apex was also bricked for a smart finish. The works took about 7 weeks to complete.

 PRC Repairs Stent PRC houses

This week the PRC repairs have started on a Stent house in Essex. A PRC Homes Ltd approved scheme is being carried out and a PRC certificate acceptable to high street mortgage lenders will be issued on completion. New doors and windows will be fitted along with french doors to the rear garden. More pictures on our facebook page.

prc repairs
Stent PRC houses

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