PRC Certificate Cost

 PRC Certificate Cost

We offer a fixed price £995.00 inc vat for a retrospective PRC certificate why pay more for the same certificate.

What is a PRC Certificate?

All Prefabricated Reinforced Concrete (PRC) houses should be repaired using a recognised PRC repair approved repair scheme.  A qualified PRC Engineer will make inspections throughout the repair building works and issue a PRC certificate of completion confirming the works have been completed to the scheme requirements.

prc certificate cost

PRC Certificate and PRC Homes Ltd

PRC Homes Ltd was set up as part of the NHBC to approve structural repairs to concrete PRC houses and keep a central register of PRC certificates issued to individual houses repaired for homeowners throughout the UK. About 20 years ago PRC Homes Ltd ceased trading and PRC certificates could no longer be registered with them or the NHBC. Today the approved PRC repair schemes are still used and accepted by high street mortgage lenders as long as they are supported with a PRC certificate.

A number of companies advertise a service for issuing retrospective PRC certificates and some of them have company names similar to PRC Homes Ltd, these companies should not be confused with PRC Homes Ltd who were a subsidiary of the NHBC. These companies offer an identical service to ours.

How many PRC Licensed Repair Schemes are there?

Including the schemes licensed by PRC Homes Ltd there are now around 10 repair schemes for each type of PRC house type. Fortunately many of these repair schemes are almost identical to each other and arranging a PRC certificate is usually straight forward.

 PRC Certificate Cost £995 Recent Examples

A Unity PRC house was repaired in the 1980’s by the Local Authority in Oxfordshire under the grant scheme. The repair was completed to a PRC Homes Ltd approved scheme but a PRC certificate was never issued. After a thorough inspection the Engineer was able to issue a replacement certificate. PRC certificate cost £995.

Our Clients had a buyer for their repaired Cornish unit in Bristol, the mortgage lender would not proceed with the mortgage until a retrospective PRC certificate was issued. The PRC repairs carried out to the property many years ago were to a PRC Homes Ltd scheme, once the new PRC certificate was completed the Clients completed on the sale. PRC certificate cost £895.

PRC Certificates Latest News

We were recently contacted by Clients in Yorkshire looking to arrange a mortgage on a repaired Airey house. The Local Authority completed the PRC repairs over 20 years and the Clients were looking to buy under the right to buy scheme. The PRC repairs carried out were to the Leeds scheme and a replacement PRC certificate was issued enabling the Clients to complete on their right to buy purchase. PRC certificate cost £995.

A Client in Swindon was looking to remortgage his home which was repaired nearly 10 years ago by a Company who have since gone out of business. The Client had lost his certificate and was unable to remortgage, we were able to arrange a replacement certificate for a PRC Homes Ltd scheme. PRC certificate cost £995.

Unity PRC houses have been repaired by Local Authorities all over the UK. We have recently arranged for retrospective PRC certificates to be issued in Oxford, Bath and several towns in Essex. PRC certificate cost £995.

Leeds City Council have repaired hundreds of Airey houses to mortgage approved schemes we have been able to help a number of Clients in the last few weeks arrange PRC certificates so that their buyers could arrange mortgages.  PRC certificate cost £995.

 PRC Houses Problems

About 25 years ago an Airey construction house caught fire and was gutted in minutes.  The Building Research Establishment (BRE) started an investigation of all the Prefabricated  Reinforced Concrete (PRC) houses as large numbers had been built after WW2 and subsequently sold under the Right to Buy scheme.  The result of this investigation was The Housing Defects Act of 1984 which led to a large number of prefabricated reinforced concrete (PRC) system built properties being designated as defective housing.

Because tenants had purchased these defective properties under the Right to Buy scheme without knowing about the defects, grants were widely given to the owners of these properties to enable them to be repaired to a mortgage standard, as by this time high street lenders would not grant mortgages. PRC Homes Ltd was set up to as a subsidiary of the NHBC and they began to approve repair schemes designed by Structural Engineers and Local Authorities, among the most well known are Leeds City Council, Michael Dyson Associates, Curtins Consulting Engineers, Kirkham Williams and Lewis and Bureau Stocker Fitzpatrick. These repair schemes were approved by PRC Homes Ltd and are commonly known as a PRC Homes Scheme. High street mortgage lenders still insist on these PRC repairs and a PRC certificate being issued.

PRC Homes Ltd ceased trading about 20 years ago and now there are a large number of different licensed repairs for all types of defective houses.