PRC Certificate

PRC Certificate for Local Authority PRC Repairs

Local Authorities have been repairing PRC houses for many years, most of these PRC repaired houses have never been issued with a PRC Certificate, although most of the PRC repairs carried out conform to PRC Homes Licensed Schemes which most high street mortgage lenders accept. High street mortgage lenders are requesting a PRC Certificate before they will offer mortgages, please feel free to call us for advice if you are unsure of the repair to your home or email

PRC Certificate and PRC Licence

Are you considering a self build? We have been able to help clients who need expert advice on a PRC licensed repair scheme when they are carrying out PRC repairs to their PRC homes to a mortgage standard. If you are a Builder and require the PRC Licence details along with a PRC Certificate, call for details

Cornish Unit PRC repair

Most Cornish Unit houses have been repaired to a PRC Homes Ltd approved repair scheme. This type of repair removes the exterior PRC concrete walls and replaces them with a traditional cavity, brick and block wall. Some Local Authorities have been upgrading their Cornish houses but it is not an acceptable type of repair for mortgage lending If the concrete posts are still place, you would require a PRC repair to bring your property up to a mortgage standard.

Airey House Construction

Local Authorities have been repairing Airey houses for many years and the most common method has been the Halifax Approved Scheme or an equivalent to it.  Some Airey houses have been repaired under the PRC Homes Ltd licence which would have involved some internal works to the spine and party wall. A thorough inspection of your home would need to be carried out to determine which scheme was used. If the Local Authority has cladded your home with a render type insulation this would not be suitable for a mortgage.

We are receiving a lot of calls from clients who require a replacement PRC Certificate before the mortgage lender will make a mortgage offer on repaired Airey houses in Yorkshire.  Most of these Airey houses were repaired by the Local Authority under what is known as the Leeds System either type 1 or type 2 and a PRC Certificate was never issued.

A number of these clients have successfully arranged their new mortgage with the Halifax supported by a retrospective PRC Certificate we have been able to issue. If you are stuck arranging a mortgage on your repaired Airey house give us a call we can help.

Wates Construction Houses

Wates Houses have been repaired in many different ways and only a full scheme repair PRC Homes Licence is acceptable to most of the major high street mortgage lenders. Many houses have had a brick skin built around the exterior walls, this is generally known as a wrap scheme repair, these can be very difficult to secure mortgages on. Give us a call for advice.

Unity PRC Houses

Some Unity PRC houses have been repaired under a PRC homes licence and are easily accepted for mortgages by the major banks and building societies. If the concrete posts are still in place it would more than likely be a wrap type of repair, these are not suitable for mortgages.

Woolaway Construction

Local Authorities have repaired many Woolaway houses in the UK to a PRC Homes repair licence and these are straight forward for major mortgage lenders to offer mortgages at normal interest rates.

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