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A new scheme for the PRC repairs to Reema construction houses has been approved by high street mortgage lenders. The scheme is similar to the brick wrap type PRC repair carried out to Reema construction houses over the last 15 years.

Reema Construction Mortgages

Mortgages are available from leading high street lenders at normal interest rates for homeowners and Clients looking to take up their Right to Buy. More useful information on arranging mortgages for PRC houses. A PRC certificate is issued on completion of the PRC repairs.

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PRC Certificate Reema Houses

For a PRC repair to be recognised, a Certificate of Structural Completion will need to be issued by the Independent Structural Engineers overseeing the work.  This certificate is known as the PRC certificate and is only issued if the repair work is carried out in accordance with the licensed repair scheme.  The Engineer visits the property at various stages during the repair to ensure that the licence is followed and the works completed correctly.

You do not need to move out of the property during the repair works.

The new scheme for the repairs to Reema PRC houses usually take around 6 weeks to complete.

New UPVC windows and doors can be included in the repair works.

French doors can be fitted along with other home improvements.

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