PRC Licence

PRC licence details, we have recently been able to help a number of Clients obtain a PRC certificate.

If you are looking to carry out your own PRC repair and require specialist advice and PRC licence details to make sure that the PRC works conform to an acceptable repair scheme and the PRC certificate will be acceptable to mortgage lenders give us a call for details.

PRC Licence
Cornish type 2

PRC Licence Cornish Houses

Cornish type 1 and type 2 PRC houses are repaired under an approved PRC Homes Ltd scheme these repairs are accepted by high street mortgage lenders at normal interest rates as long as a PRC certificate is issued. We have recently helped a number of Clients in Cornwall and Wiltshire.

prc licence
Wates PRC house the concrete panels and posts removed the inner block wall remains

PRC Licence Wates Construction

A Client purchased a Wates PRC house and being a bricklayer wanted to carry out the repair himself. We were able to put him in contact with a PRC Engineer who could carry out the inspections and give details on the works required under a PRC Homes Ltd scheme. Once the PRC repairs had been completed a PRC certificate was issued.

PRC Licence Recent Cases

Cornish type 2 in Cornwall

Wates houses in Yorkshire and Hertfordshire

Cornish type 1 in Wiltshire

Stent PRC house in Essex

Airey houses in Cheshire

Cornish type 1 houses in Kent

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