Cornish PRC Houses PRC Repairs Case Study

prc certificates

These Clients took up their Right to Buy and and arranged a PRC mortgage with the local Halifax branch. The Halifax arranged a mortgage providing enough funds for the purchase and the structural repairs to be carried out on the Cornish type 1 PRC house.

Once the mortgage offer was issued by the Halifax the Clients Solicitor arranged for the completion of the purchase from the Local Authority and the Halifax advanced the purchase price so that the completion could take place. The funds for the building works were held on retention until the works were completed and a PRC certificate was issued.

Cornish PRC houses prc repairs case study
Cornish PRC panels and posts

Now that the Clients owned the property the structural repairs could start. Most Cornish type 1 houses these days have the foundations extended as the existing foundations are not wide enough to provide sufficient insulation in the cavity. It is possible to make up the required insulation required by building regulations but this usually involves adding insulated plasterboard internally, this would make the new walls wider but make room sizes smaller. Problems can occur in refitting kitchens and if the staircase is on an external wall.

Cornish type 1 cavity insulation
Cornish type 1 cavity insulation

The house will need to be propped whilst the external concrete panels and posts are removed.

Once the new brickwork has been completed the doors and windows are fitted, most Clients have new doors and windows fitted as the existing ones are usually of poor quality. It is also a good time to fit french doors.

Internally the new walls will need to be plastered and the kitchen will also need to be refitted.

Cornish PRC repairs with new doors and window
Cornish PRC repairs with new doors and windows

Most Cornish type 1 houses are repaired in about 5 to 6 weeks. The PRC certificate is issued once the works have been completed and is forwarded to the Halifax so that the retention funds can be released.

Cornish PRC Houses PRC Repairs Case Study

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