Retrospective PRC Certificate Recent Examples

Thousands of PRC houses have been repaired over the last 20 years most of them by the Local Authorities but have never been issued with a retrospective PRC certificate . A lot of Clients are now looking to take up their Right to Buy as discounts have greatly increased over the last 2 years.

Mortgage lenders are insisting on a retrospective PRC certificate being issued before proceeding with a mortgage offer. We can arrange for a PRC Engineer to inspect the property to confirm that the PRC repairs have been carried out in accordance with mortgage approved repair schemes and issue a retrospective PRC certificate.

Most Local Authorities have repaired the PRC houses to mortgage approved schemes.

Recent Examples Retrospective PRC Certificate

Unity type 2 PRC house in Derby repaired to a PRC Homes Ltd licence.

Airey houses in Yorkshire repaired to either Leeds City Council type 1 or type 2.

retrospective PRC certificate Airey house
Airey house

Woolaway house in Bristol repaired by Bristol City Council 20 years ago.

Cornish type 2 repaired to a PRC Homes Ltd approved scheme.

Cornish type 1 repaired under the grant scheme in Wales 30 years ago.

retrospective PRC certificate Cornish type 1
Cornish type 1

Wates construction house repaired this year by a local builder who owned the property.

Cornish type 1 in Somerset repaired to a PRC Homes Ltd scheme.

Airey house in Norfolk repaired by the Local Authority 25 years ago

Mortgages for repaired PRC houses are readily available from many high street lenders once a retrospective PRC Certificate has been issued at normal interest rates.

If you need advice about the repairs carried out to your property give us a call.

PRC houses which have been insulated or cladded by the Local Authority are not acceptable to mortgage lenders and can not be issued with a retrospective PRC certificate.

Cornish type 1 insulation cladding
Cornish type 1 insulation cladding

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